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Residential Furniture

Buy and Sell all kinds of residential furniture like houses, villas, apartments, studios, etc.

Commercial Furniture

Buy and Sell any kind of Commercial used furniture like offic, shop, store, market or salon used furniture.

Used Appliances

Sell and Buy home and office used appliances like fridge, ac, washing machine, dryer, dish washer etc.

Used Furniture Buyers in Abu Dhabi Musaffah

We buy and sell all kinds of used furniture Abu Dhabi Musaffah. If you have any used furniture for sale in Abu Dhabi and looking for used furniture buyers.

Used furniture buyers in Abu Dhabi are those who buys and sells second hand furniture but still in good condition. Are you that one person who considers on buying used furniture instead of the new one? There’s nothing wrong if you will buy these especially if you are a fan of vintage design look of fixtures or maybe the modern designs but you preferred to buy in a cheaper price.
How about the person that sells their old items to the used furniture buyers in Abu Dhabi? Instead of throwing it, you can just sell it and earn some money so you can use it for other purposes especially if you are planning to buy new set of furniture for your home.

Our Used furniture store in Abu Dhabi offer not only cheap furniture but also a great convenience when it comes to ordering process. If you are looking for the affordable used but great quality furniture, you can let us know and we can assure you that you can choose and buy the only the best items from us.

  • Seating Furniture
  • Tables Furniture
  • Sleeping or Lying Furniture
  • Storage Furniture
  • Sell Used Appliances

Sofa – Feel the coziness of every seat on your home when you buy used sofa from us. We have luxurious look of sofa and sofa beds that are very perfect for any home design and you can easily check and buy it for you. You can choose a lot of our unique pieces which you can truly love to put on your home and for that, you just need to contact us right away.
Wardrobes – Did you transfer to your new home? Are you looking for a wardrobe or any cabinet where you can put your clothes and other personal belongings? A good wardrobe can surely accommodate your items in a well-organized manner. It might too expensive on malls but on us, you can get it for a good and economical price.
Dining tables – We are also selling dining table set that are all in good quality. We can fully ensure you that our tables are all in excellent conditions and you can still use it for a long time. We have different designs, shapes and colors where you can choose the best style that will fit on your homes so whenever you will have a meeting with your family or eat together with them, you can fully enjoy it as you have a great table that binds you altogether.
We also have other kinds of table like coffee table that is good to use when putting drinks of any small home décor such as photo frame of small plant that can make your home so refreshing. Accent table and end tables are also available from us and its very perfect to put in between of your sofas on your home or office. It’s just a small piece of furniture but it can actually look your home to be more luxurious.
Your bedroom can look more stunning once you put a bedside table. You can place anything you want on these type of table such us your phone, earphones, wallet, a glass of water, vase with fresh flower or a book that you can read before you go to sleep.
We still have other used furniture that you can get from us. If you want to save money, you can contact us to buy and if you are planning to sell your items from your home or office then feel free also to reach us because we are the trusted used furniture buyers in Abu Dhabi.

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Used Furniture Abu Dhabi

Used Furniture Abu Dhabi has its advantages when you consider on purchasing it instead of buying the new one and these are:

Affordability - Buying old and used furniture is definitely a good choice and this is the first benefit that you can get when you buy used furniture. It let you save money but the quality of the product is still there. People mostly buy used furniture in Abu Dhabi as a great alternative for buying new one. You can get your home and office furniture to be finally completed because you can easily buy used but in great condition.

Eco-Friendly - Buying used furniture let you also help the Mother Nature as it doesn’t have that much negative impact to the environment. Buying used furniture as a habit is also a great way of demonstrating how good green living is.

Usefulness - In regards to the quality of the items, you can definitely trust what we are offering. It’s very cheap and you can use it for a long time. For planning the design of your home, you can still achieve the best interior furniture design for a low-cost price.

Time saving - If you are wondering why used furniture Abu Dhabi is also worth it, it’s because it is time saving. Instead of wasting time just by searching on shops or malls, why not look for the used furniture that has the same quality and can get for a cheaper price than the mall? It would be very convenient for everyone.

Style & Design If you are wondering or thinking that you might not get the furniture that fits for your home or office then you are wrong with that. Just like from other furniture stores in Abu Dhabi, you can still have a lot of choices when it comes to designs of the one you need to buy. As we’ve mentioned above, you can still achieve the best set up, look or interiors for your new home.

As an expertise in this used furniture Abu Dhabi industry for so many years, we have our aims and one of those is that we wanted to provide an affordable and useful furniture that will fit in everyone’s pocket without worrying its quality because just be seeing them, they can already know that it is worth to buy.

There’s a lot of furniture shop that you can able to see and even searching via online and just like us, you can easily buy and sell your old furniture by contacting us here on our website and on the other contact details that you can see here.

Affordable, eco-friendly, useful, time-saving and great design of furniture is what we are offering to our valued customers. With just one call away, they can easily know the available design and stocks on our shop and let them choose what they think is the best for their home or office.

Used Furniture Abu Dhabi

There’s nothing that you should worry about if you will be looking for a new set of furniture on your new home. Whether it is a bedroom set, living room, kitchen, garden or any type of furniture, you can directly contact us. You can also save money if you will be buying it per set and we can assure you that the theme of your room will be aesthetically beautiful and will still exemplify the peak of design.
Let us design your home and make it incredibly stunning by hiring us for the used furniture Abu Dhabi.

Used furniture shop in Abu Dhabi

Used furniture shop in Abu Dhabi helps you in achieving the best look of your home or office by purchasing it seamlessly for a small amount of money. You really don’t need to spend much in order to fulfill the needs of your home through buying new furniture when you can still achieve it just by visiting a used furniture shops in Abu Dhabi.

Used furniture shop in Abu Dhabi

We are selling a bunch of furniture that will surely furnish your apartment, villa or even your office. If you want to know more, you can just continue on reading this.
For used bedroom set furniture in Abu Dhabi, you don’t have to be worried anymore because we are here to guide you for to make your room beautiful and has complete of items inside. We offer set of furniture for your room such as bed frame with mattress, side tables, wardrobe or dressers, bookshelves, desk and other fixtures that will fit in your room. Since it will be already a set, you can save money from it instead of buying it separately or buying new set from malls that cost too much.

If your bedroom is finally done, what’s next? Do you want to make your living room to be warm and achieve the best ambiance? You can have it of course when you visit and check our used furniture shop in Abu Dhabi that provides excellent fixtures that are good in to put anywhere on your home. We have couch and sofa bed that are available in different style, size and colors. It is the biggest furniture that we can have in our living room and also it is very essential to have. It will just be plain if we will not put a sofa if you are willing to buy a used one, you can get the specific size that you preferred and contact us so we can able to assist you. You can also put a small coffee table and an end table to balance the space of your place. You can also put an accent chairs, a media stand or TV rack and other home decors that you think will look good to achieve the best setup of your living room.

Bedroom and Living room are both done. What’s next? Do you want it your garden or kitchen or anything you preferred to style out? You can choose a lot when you visit us to see all of our collections that you might be interested.

Our shop is located in Abu Dhabi but we do deliveries in all over UAE. In regards to ordering per set, you can directly contact us here on website or give us a call so you can know the set of furniture that we have and we will let you choose from that. This type of service is very convenient for you especially if you have busy work and you don’t have enough time to visit our shop then we are here to provide you the best furniture that you can have for your home or office. We also offer cash on delivery so feel free to contact and order from us and pay your order when it is being delivered on your place.

Choose the best for your home. Choose our used furniture shop in Abu Dhabi.

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Used furniture Abu Dhabi Mussafah

Used furniture Abu Dhabi Mussafah from us has its process on how you can purchase on us. If you are interested to buy and sell your used furniture with us then you must read this. Process of buying used furniture in Mussafah Abu Dhabi.

  • Step 1: List all the furniture that you are planning buy. This can easily help you to allocate budget on how much you should spend with the number or furniture that you want to have for your home. Even if you will buy used, you still need to budget your money so you can really get the best items for a good price.
  • Step 2: After listing all the furniture, you can now list the characteristic of these furniture. Example of this is for your sofas. If you have a light color living room, you can look for a dark color of sofa like dark red, blue, purple or fuchsia pink, or any dark color that will act as a highlight of your room. Another if you have dark color room such as black then having white furniture is definitely a good choice. Interesting, right? You can also make a list of which brand you like to have and when it comes to size of your room, you should know what will be the best to fit in.
  • Step 3: After making a list and allocating your budget for the furniture that you will buy, you can contact the shop that sell used furniture Abu Dhabi Mussafah and let them know what stuffs you are looking for.
  • Step 4: Once you see all of their furniture, it’s time to look for the best item that is very close to the one you need. It’s because it will be very hard to look for the same as what you listed since it is all used. You can check all of their collection and choose the best you think will fit in your place.
  • Step 5: Before buying it, you need to ensure that it will still be useful so with this, it is a requirement to check your own furniture that you will be buying from the store.
  • Step 6: After you have chosen the furniture that you want to get to the shop of used furniture Abu Dhabi Mussafah, you can pay and let it be delivered to your place.
  • Step 7: After receiving your furniture at your home, you can now set it up and see how beautiful the look of your house will be as you buy these very affordable used furniture Abu dhabi Mussafah.

Buying of used furniture Abu Dhabi Mussafah will not only let you save money but you can guarantee that you can use all of them for a long time. If you are looking for where to buy these cheap items that can make your home to be incredibly stunning then you must visit us to get high quality fixtures. You can order online and check all the items that we are currently selling; we can also send more photos as for assurance that you will able to get only the best. For more details, keep browsing here and contact us for the used furniture Abu Dhabi Mussafah.

Used furniture Abu Dhabi Mussafah


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Sell used furniture in Abu Dhabi

Sell used furniture Abu Dhabi is very popular especially that most people here are fond of buying new items and instead of disposing their old furniture, we highly recommend them to sell used furniture in Abu Dhabi. If you like to sell your second hand furniture in Abu Dhabi then you can sell it to us but when it comes to buying we still following the proper way when someone wants to sell their home or office furniture.

Sell used furniture in Abu Dhabi

For home furniture, you can still earn money just by selling out your used or old furniture as long as it is in good condition and can still use for a long time. Why will waste your furniture by throwing in onto the garbage when you can still make money from it?
If you have used sofa set or any type of couch that haven’t use for a long time and you are planning to buy a new one then you can just easily call us and we will check on how much we can able to buy it. If you will think on the deep part, maybe there is someone who wants that kind of sofa but can’t able to afford to buy it as new since it is pricey but if you will be able to sell it out then maybe this person can buy it for cheaper than the mall price.

When you sell used furniture in Abu Dhabi with us, we need to check the condition of the items first before buying it. Just like other consumers, we are also like that. We need to ensure first that it will benefit us after we buy it from you.
You can contact us and send the photos of the fixtures such as bed frame, bunk bed, wardrobes, side table, end table, media furniture and etc. For bed frames, if we want to check its physical condition, we can visit your place and check the items so we can able to give you exact amount on how much we will buy it. We will get its size, color, materials made of, brand and other necessary details and check for the actual mall price and with this you can also assure that you can still have the best price for your bed instead of just disposing it and not getting anything back.

For your wardrobes, we also required this to be checked so that we are aware on its condition. We will check the over-all look such as color, product made of, door knobs, drawers and etc. We will also check its size and, weight and if it needs to be dismantled if we will be going to buy it. This is because most wardrobes fades its actual color as time goes by and it usually can have white spots or damages even if it is not originally like that or it is just staying at your room. This can happen actually and all we can guarantee you is that we will give the best price when you sell used furniture in Abu Dhabi on us. We also accept other types of furniture such us sofa, sofa beds, cabinets, tables, chairs and etc. For offices, we also buy used office furniture. If you are looking for a new office and you can’t able to bring all of your office stuffs such as meeting tables, chairs, desks and a lot more then we can assist you with that. Instead of leaving it on the old office location or giving it to other people, you can just contact us and we will buy it for you. Isn’t it good? Buying and using of old furniture can actually help the environment and you can also be part of that once you start to sell used furniture in Abu Dhabi.

  • Bed
  • Bunk bed
  • Four-poster bed
  • Murphy bed
  • Platform bed
  • Sleigh bed
  • Infant bed (Child Bed)
  • Mattress

Used furniture shop in Abu Dhabi Mussafah

Used furniture shop in Abu Dhabi Mussafah

Used furniture shop in Abu Dhabi Mussafah has its own characteristics and way of buying and selling of used items and if you are looking for the best store where you can buy and sell your furniture then you must look for a trusted and excellent used furniture shop in Abu Dhabi Mussafah.

  • Quality of the furniture
  • Good customer service
  • Convenient store location
  • Affordable price
  • Excellent payment and delivery services

Quality of the furniture - Brand isn’t just the one that you should look for when you are checking the quality of the items that you want to get. Of course, brand matters but if it only has thin ply wood then it might be a poor quality of furniture. You need to ensure the materials that it was made of especially if it is wood furniture. You need to check whether its wood was from an oak, maple, mahogany, ash, hickory and etc. Upon checking this, you can also know on how many years it can last just like for mahogany, it is usually being used to make doors and musical instrument that we are aware that it can last long.

Good customer service - A friendly and very accommodating staffs sums it up! Regarding to the shop that is being trusted well by the clients, it mostly have this kind of characteristics and we will bet if you don’t have good customer service, your clients might just look for other used furniture shop in Abu Dhabi Mussafah that can assist them.

Convenient store location - This is also one of the important things that every buyer is considering when buying used furniture. The main reason why they will buy from a used furniture shop in Abu Dhabi Mussafah is to save money and if the delivery fee and expenses will already cost one piece of furniture then do you think they will still purchase? So if your location is very convenient to reach in and you do deliveries then they will order and can also be your loyal customers.
Our shop that is located in Abu Dhabi can also do deliveries in all over UAE. We have trucks that can deliver your items that you have bought from us and we can guarantee you that all of them will be in good condition.

Affordable price - When it comes to one of the major advantages of buying used furniture is that you can get it for a low-cost price than the mall price. Though it is used but it’s still in great condition and can still be used for a long time.
To avail the best quality furniture, you can contact and our friendly staffs will assist you with that. We will ensure that you can have your complete set of furniture without worrying the price.

Excellent payment and delivery services - When it comes to payment, you can have a lot of choices when you choose our used furniture shop in Abu Dhabi. We are open for cash and pick up from our store, cash on delivery to your home or office location and you can pay via online banking. We do shipment in all over United Arab Emirates for 24 hours.

When you choose us, you won’t need to worry about anything. We provide 100% good quality furniture, services and staffs from the trusted used furniture shop in Abu Dhabi.

Used furniture company in Abu Dhabi

Used Furniture Company in Abu Dhabi can assist you in regards to the selling and buying of second hand household and office furniture.
As a reputable used furniture company in Abu Dhabi , our expertise for almost 20 years is already a good assurance that you can get the best and affordable furniture such us wardrobe, table, side tables, bed, sofa, sofa bed, desk, cupboards and other items for your home.

For office furniture, we can also assist you with that. You can choose from the styles that are available from our shop and design your new office to achieve the coziness and right ambiance of your workplace. If you have preferred them like all black, yellow light blue or other theme/color, you can tell it to our staffs and we will check the items and give you the things that you are looking for.

  • Office desk - To achieve the best work environment, a desk is an essential. This can be the one of the things that really matters the most for every offices. Of course we don’t want our employees to sit on the floor and do their job there. It will not be professional to look, right? This is why there is desk or tables where they can put their computers and sit comfortably on their office chairs and let them work productive.
  • Filing cabinets - For making your office files well-organized, you need these cabinets so you can put all the documents and other things for the office. If you are looking for anything that you can use for your offices then you can contact us to provide you this and other types of cabinets. We have lateral, vertical, mobile, flat and the side tab filing storage that you buy from us. If you will keep your things on the office in order then it would be easy for your employees to look for what they need as long as they have these cabinets where they can separate the files and label it.
  • Book shelves - In arranging your books, a book shelf is a must have! Some of the companies have their own libraries for their employees to still be updated on the latest books, refresh their minds in learning new things and making some time for themselves. With this, if you do have a lot of books that are still useful then you can get buy a bookshelf and allot some space on where your employees can able to sit, drink coffee while reading books. This is also a great way to enjoy relieve some stress from work or in getting to know with other colleagues to have a good relationship with each other.
    It might just be simple furniture but if you would think on the advantages that it can bring to the employees then you already know that it is worth to buy and if you don’t have extra budget for that then you can just visit used furniture company in Abu Dhabi like us to provide it for a cheap price.
  • Conference tables & chairs - It is very essential in every company. For meetings and other related activities of the company, tables & chairs are very useful for the managers, employees and other employees. Also, it can build trust with other investors and customers as they can see how professional company you have as you have a meeting room that can accommodate all of your clients in order to provide an excellent service or presentation when it comes to what you are offering to them. These items are usually expensive but if you will be able to look for a used furniture company in Abu Dhabi then I am sure that you can save a lot.
  • Sofa - In receiving guests on your office, it’s not only required to ask them for some tea, coffee, juice or water. It is very important to give them a comfortable sits which they can enjoy their drinks while waiting for something. If you are looking for a sofa set where your clients or visitors can enjoy their stay at the lounge then you can also call a used furniture company in Abu Dhabi like us to give you the modern styles of sofa that will make your office to have the right business look presence. For your furniture needs, you can trust our used furniture company in Abu Dhabi.
  • Billiard table
  • Office Work Station
  • TV Stand
  • Computer Table
  • Study Table
  • Dinning Table
  • Dressing Table(Child Bed)
  • Cofee Table

Old furniture in Abu Dhabi

Old furniture in Abu Dhabi

Old furniture in Abu Dhabi like sofa, tables, chairs, bed and etc. can still be useful in so many ways. There are a lot of things that you can do with your old furniture and one of those is that you can redesign or transform it and resell.

If you like to earn some cash from your used items then one way is to sell old furniture in Abu Dhabi. Why do need to stock it when you already don’t want to use it on your home? It will just consume space on your storage room and if might get damage even if it is just staying on your home. If you are not also aware, selling furniture is actually profitable.

If you are planning to buy new set of furniture, the best choice is to sell your old one so you won’t be having a problem when it comes to your budget or space on your home.
As for the store that buys used furniture, you can trust us with that. Are you interested in selling your furniture? So, if you are wondering why do you need to start on selling your old items when you are about to purchase new? Here are the 5 reasons why:

You can earn money - Who would not love to get cash just by selling used furniture? Of course it is a great opportunity for all of us. If we have plans to change our furniture at home such as wardrobes, tables, chairs and other fixtures then we can save money even if we want to buy a new one especially if we will sell the old furniture in Abu Dhabi that we will not be going to use anymore. In regards to getting some cash from it, we must keep in our minds that we can’t able to get the same amount on how much we bought it before. Though they still look new, they are still considered as second hand furniture but the good thing is that you can still earn money from it. It is very common thing that everyone keeps on doing these days to save money in buying new items for their home. There’s no need to keep all of them if you don’t have plans to use it anymore. Just sell them instead of putting them into storage rooms for a long time that you won’t have any assurance that it would still be in good conditions.

Convenience - Selling your old furniture in Abu Dhabi is very much convenient for everyone. It’s such an easy process on how you can earn some cash easily as you can just contact buyers around your area to give your items a quote and if it is fine for the both parties then that’s it. You can have your furniture sold easily.

You can save some space from your home - If you don’t have enough space on your home where you can stock up your old furniture in Abu Dhabi when you consider on buying new then you can sell those items instead of consuming too much space from your home when you will not use it anymore. There are some people who might need your second hand furniture to fill their places.

It is still good to use rather than to dispose it - Instead of disposing your old furniture in Abu Dhabi then selling it would be much better. You can let other people enjoy your great quality furniture and earn at the same time.

Saves time instead of modifying the furniture - It would take a long time if you would still consider on make changes on your furniture. Though you want it to look like personalized and memorable but if you are busy, how could you able make it possible? If your furniture is still in good condition, you can just sell it and get instant cash from it.

These are the advantages on why should consider on selling your used stuffs especially your furniture. You can earn cash, save space and save time as you can just look for some furniture buyers online to assist you with this and just like us, we’re just one call away for your any kinds of old furniture in Abu Dhabi.

  • Cupboard
  • Baker's rack
  • Bookcase
  • Cabinetry
  • Chifforobe
  • Kitchen cabinet
  • Chest of drawers or dresser
  • Filing cabinet

Second hand furniture in Abu Dhabi

Second hand furniture doesn’t mean that it is all used and abused. Yes, some of them might be already used but this furniture is still in good condition that’s why people still continues on buying it. Are you one of the consumers who prefer to buy second hand furniture in Abu Dhabi rather than buying new that usually cost too expensive?

Second hand furniture in Abu Dhabi

Is buying second hand furniture in Abu Dhabi worth to have? What kind of used home furniture that you must buy? Are you interested to know more? Well, just keep on browsing here!
Do you already have sofa on your living room? For you to seat comfortably while enjoying some Netflix movies then having some popcorns with your family, sofa set is a good choice to have and will complete your living room set of furniture. In buying a sofa for your home, you need to consider the size, color and style that will fit in your interiors. This also includes the cushion that is one of the most important things that we should not forget when we want to buy. If you will be buying a sofa that is second hand furniture in Abu Dhabi then you can directly give us a call. Our aim is to provide an affordable and great quality used furniture on every home. We have a wide-variety of second hand furniture in Abu Dhabi that our clients can choose from and we can guarantee that it will definitely make their living rooms extra special.

Second hand furniture in Abu Dhabi

Are you planning to buy a dining table and chairs? This is also a need in our house. Having some time with family and friends by eating together in one table has a lot of benefits especially on the relationships with each other. Just by having a dining table, you can become more close to your other family members. For you to have this, you don’t need to spend a lot of money from your allowance. You can get it for a cheap price rather but has the same quality as from other stores. Do you know how? Call us now as we can provide you the best second hand furniture in Abu Dhabi.
How about bedroom set furniture? Do you want furniture that can complete your bedroom? You can fully enjoy your new bed, wardrobe, desk, side table and other items once you have this complete furniture from your home. With this, we offer set of furniture for everyone who wants to buy and make them room to have a nice theme. You can choose from our bed that can be yours soon. It’s also available in different styles and colors so we’re sure that you can choose from it and get your affordable stuffs for your new bedroom.

For more comfortable living, having furniture on our home is already a necessity for everyone not only UAE but also worldwide. Investing on furniture isn’t that bad especially that if we have our own money to use. Actually, it’s a great investment that we should consider. Unlike for vehicles that decrease its quality and value as years go by, furniture is not like that. Though we couldn’t sell it just like how much we bought it before but the rate of this is much good rather than other second hand products. This is also why people keep on buying second hand furniture in Abu Dhabi.

  • Refrigerator
  • Washing Machine
  • Air Condition
  • Gas Cooker
  • Dish Washer
  • Freezer
  • LED TV
  • Microwave Oven
Used furniture dealers in Abu Dhabi

Used furniture dealers in Abu Dhabi

Used furniture dealers in Abu Dhabi are not hard to look for. In fact, by just searching online you can see a lot of companies and persons who buy and sell used furniture in Abu Dhabi and one of the best and trusted company when it comes to this industry is us.
Do you know why? Let us enlighten you with the reasons why you should choose us to be your partner.

  • Professional company - We are the professional organization that you can trust for any types of used furniture; home, office, restaurant, shop or any establishments. When you want to sell your used fixtures then you can easily contact us. Our staffs who are experts can assist you with all your needs in regards to your furniture.
  • Convenient Location - If you are living here in Abu Dhabi, there’s no need to worry about anything especially about the location because we’re just need to each other. Do you want to buy used set of furniture? Just visit our store that has the best used furniture dealers in Abu Dhabi and you can able to check all of our collections that we are currently selling. There’s no need to search on other furniture store because what you need is already with us.
  • Great design and collections - We know that one of the characteristics of the furniture that everyone is looking for is that it must be visually appealing not only for the owner but also to the visitors of your house. Of course, being complimented about the appearance of our home is definitely a good feeling and you really don’t have to allocate almost all your allowance just to give your living room, kitchen, or bedroom a glam look. You can still get the best design or style of used furniture when you visit us. You can able to see our latest products from antiques or vintage type up to modern designs of furniture.
    Whether you want your theme is in light or dark color then we can suggest you a lot. We also offer set of furniture like living room set of furniture which has complete inclusions or composed of media furniture, sofa, sofa bed, side table, coffee table, bookshelves, center table and others. You can actually save money in buying this and for.
  • Affordable price - Everyone wants to buy great quality products for a cheap price and just like for furniture, we also want to have unique and well-designed that we can buy for a small amount of money. We really need to budget our money and part of it is we should learn on how much we should spend on buying certain things that we want but for furniture it can be an exemption sometimes since we want to make our home a stunning and purchasing furniture can make it stand out.
    We only sell furniture that is in good condition so we can guarantee you that you can purchase a great quality of bed, sofa, wardrobe, dining table and etc. for a very low-cost price.
  • Friendly and very accommodating team - Of course, the best characteristic that we have is that we provide the best customer service to our dear clients. Their comfort and convenience and trust are what we prioritize the most. With our years of expertise which is almost 20 years, we still continue on giving them the utmost care and assure that they can rely on us in regards to the used furniture.

    You can buy the stylish furniture that you want to have for a very good price and if you are looking for someone where you can sell your furniture then you can also call us, used furniture dealers in Abu Dhabi.

Used Appliances in Abu Dhabi

Used appliances in Abu Dhabi are also being offer in our company. Instead of buying so expensive new appliances, you can easily save money when you buy used but in high quality. These Used home appliances in Abu Dhabi are very useful at home and already became an essential for everyday living.

Appliance on home or office main goal to our life is to make it more easiness, convenient and productive. There’s no need to do manual work as these items can help us from washing our dishes, clothes, to cook, heat our food and etc. and if you are considering on buying used appliances in Abu Dhabi then we’re the best shop for you.

Used Appliances in Abu Dhabi
We provide the list of some of the appliances that we have on our store we still have bunch of used appliances in Abu Dhabi that we are selling on our store where you can visit anytime. When it comes to stoves, we are selling three types of this appliance which are gas, electric and induction stoves that can benefit you a lot when it comes to cooking or preparing your dishes everyday.
Gas stove is cheaper than the electric of induction stove but this kind allows changes in heat when it comes to cooking. When it comes to using gas stove, you are also entitled to pay less than electric bills. If you are looking for the most affordable stoves then it is available on us. You can acquire it from us as we sell used appliances in Abu Dhabi.

We also have the electric stove which is the most used type of stove these days. There’s not much difference when it comes to the price of this and the gas stove. Both are good to have on every home as it is very useful appliance that we must have. If you prefer to have used electric stove then we also have stocks in our store that you can take home and enjoy cooking your favorite dishes.
While others preferred to have gas or electric, there are also people who want to have the induction stove which can heats up the food faster than the gas or electric stoves. Unlike the other cooking stoves, this induction stove is easy to clean since it has smooth glass and it has more precise temperature than the other two types. If you are interested to have this on your home then contact us now so we can deliver it to your place.
For the refrigerators, we have the free standing, built-in, freezers and the wine coolers refrigerators. Having one of these can really provide a great convenience as it can retain the freshness of your foods as long as it is inside of this appliance. If you are not yet updated, smart refrigerators are the best to have at home. It lets you manage your kitchen earlier and just like other appliances that are products of internet of things; it makes our life very easy and productive. This might be too expensive if you will buy it from other stores or malls but with us, we have used smart appliances that you can own at low-cost price.

For the televisions, we also sell used TV that is available in different sizes. Most people want to upgrade their televisions into a larger one even if their old one is still in good conditions. What they usually do is to sell their television then buy new one or the latest edition. It’s actually a great idea and when it comes to selling your old appliances, you can definitely trust us. If you are also looking for the used but latest models of televisions then you can purchase from us. We are also selling different models, best quality and almost new types of televisions.
In our store that sells used appliances in Abu Dhabi, you, your family and your appliances is our priority. You can still have great quality appliances even if you have limited budget. We also have microwave oven, dishwasher, air conditioners, washing machine, clothes dryer and other kinds of used appliances in Abu Dhabi.

Used office furniture Abu Dhabi

Used office furniture Abu Dhabi is being considered to purchase by a lot of companies regardless of their size whether they are a small or big company. It’s because they think that they can save money on buying these items instead of buying the new one that has almost the same quality.
If you are looking to where you can buy used office furniture Abu Dhabi then we are very happy to assist you. We have a physical store where you can visit and take a look on the furniture that we are selling. Office furniture is a must in every organization in order to make it easy to do the daily required activities or business transactions in our office.

In our used furniture shop in Abu Dhabi , we offer you high quality used furniture that you can get for a cheaper price than the usual price on malls or stores. That is one of the advantages of buying used items as long as the consumers can assure that they can still use it and it is worth to pay. Many people mostly preferred to buy used office furniture Abu Dhabi just like in our store where you can choose from large quantities of different and elegant used office furniture Abu Dhabi that are all in excellent conditions. Of course, if we would have a choice on getting it cheaper with same good quality as new then what do you think we should choose? We will gladly choose the used furniture rather than spending too much cash for just a one piece of furniture. There is this scenario of having 1000 AED for 4 pcs of used furniture from a trusted store and 1000 AED for just 1 piece? Which one do you want? I’ll go for the 4 pcs which I can also use for a long time.

File Cabinet

Filing cabinets are very useful in holding large amount of documents or files that you want to be put in a well-organized manner. Instead of putting it up on the desk, drawers or on the floors, your employees can easily categorize it on folders and put in this cabinet so whenever they need something, they can look it without difficulties. If you are searching for filing cabinets that you can use for your office, you might also consider buying a used one or other used office furniture Abu Dhabi that you can have for a low cost price. You can have your office be fully stylish, cozy and make it look professional as you consider on having used office furniture Abu Dhabi.

Office desk & chair

Do you need office desk and chair but you only have limited budget? Let’s make your office to shine and have the great ambiance it deserves to make your employees to work efficiently and comfortably by providing them a great set of desk and chair where they can use it daily. You don’t have to spend too much money because we have used office desk and chair that you can have without spending a lot of money. We still have a lot of office items that we can offer to you. To achieve the right work atmosphere of your office, you can contact us for the best used office furniture Abu Dhabi.

Meeting tables

This might be also one of the important office furniture that every business has on their office. Whenever you have company meetings, seminars, investors and other guests that would want to talk for business matters then they can simply welcome them in their conference room that has a good meeting table and chairs that can accommodate a lot of people. We have a lot of meeting tables that you can choose from our store and we can guarantee you that they are all worth it to have for a very affordable price. If you need one, just let us know and we will provide it for you.

Used office furniture for sale Abu Dhabi

Used office furniture for sale Abu Dhabi

Used office furniture for sale Abu Dhabi is what you should consider look for if you like to have a great quality of office furniture so that you can definitely achieve the right ambiance on the workplace. Furniture makes our offices to maximize it space and look more spacious and well-designed as we give them the stylish design of furniture. When looking for used office furniture for sale Abu Dhabi, you can just contact us for that. We also offer other furniture that you can buy per set such as:

Used Set of office furniture

We have set of used office furniture in Abu Dhabi that you can get without worrying the price that you will spend because we offer affordable used furniture that will surely meet the budget allotted of the your company. We have stocks of desk, chairs, tables, filing cabinet or book shelf, and furniture for your conference rooms and pantry. You can make your office extra beautiful as we have many designs that you can choose from when you visit our store.

Used Set of furniture bedroom

If you have just transferred to your new home, one thing that you must have is furniture that can make you feel comfort and warmth by having the presence of furniture that you can use in daily living. We have bed, chairs, home desk or tables, wardrobes, dressing table and etc. We can assure that you can have the best set of furniture for your bedroom and you can achieve the theme that you want to have on your room.

Used Set of furniture for living room

For living room, we have TV or media furniture where can be the highlight of your home. You can enjoy watching movies or series on your television; listen to your favorite music through your speakers as you have this media furniture that you can organize your items on your living room. We also have good quality of used sofa, center, coffee and end tables that you can buy from us.

Used Set of furniture for dining room

For dining room, we offer dining table set with chairs that are very useful on your home. Your family can stay on having a good relationship just by eating breakfast, lunch and dinner on your dining and this might be one of the great experiences that a dining table can give. Having family time is one of the priority and we all know that.

Our Used Furniture Services Areas in Abu Dhabi

We buy and sell used furniture all across the united arab emirates but mostly our stores and service providers are located in specific areas of Abu Dhabi UAE. We have multiple locations services like you can get our store and the following areas and places we can come in short time of period and pick up your items on fixed time also if you want to buy then you can choose and we will deliver as what time you need to be in delivered into your house. The following areas we provide services in Abu Dhabi like (MBZ, Al Mafraq, Baniyas, Khalifa City A, Shakhbout City, Al Falah new, Al Falah old, Al Shamha, Al Shawameh, Al Rahba, Samha, Shahama, Taweela, new shahama, shalaila, mussafah, Bin E Jasrain, Officer City, Al Mushrif, Al Muroor, Al Reem Island, Al Bandar city, Al Raha Garden, Al Munira, Al Reef Villas, Al Ajban, Al Nahda west, Al Nahda north, Al Fayha, Al Dhafra, Al Buteen, Al Marasi, Etihad towers, Abu Dhabi Cornich, Sadiyat Island, Yas Island.) and other small places even anywhere in Abu Dhabi, UAE.